What do you mean

Music you have made and/or have the rights to distribute on the internet

You have composed and written the music and own the recording/s or you have permission from the composer/s, lyric writers and master owner/s to distribute or publish the music on the internet.

EG. You cannot record and distribute a Beatles song unless you have permission from the publisher or song writer etc.

You have your music in the file format .wav (16 Bit , 44.1 Khz)

You need to upload a your music in a specific file format. there are many programs/software applications that can be helpful if you need to convert your music to the right format and one of them is iTunes.

Simply go to Edit->Preferences  hit the button "Import settings" and use the following settings

Import using:  WAV Encoder
Setting: Custom
Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Samle Size 16 Bit
Channels: Auto

Now iTunes will convert your music to the format required when you import your CD or convert your songs already in iTunes.

 Cover artwork in the file format .jpg (RGB mode, minimum 3000x3000 pixels)

Formatting your cover artwork images can be a little more tricky, if in doubt we recommend that you contact a person with knowledge in photoshop or another picture/photo editing software