Distribution of your music through the worlds fastest and most comprehensive system

• Create all the labels and artists you wish
• Daily trend reports from iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify & Google Play
• Monthly sales reports downloadable from with your dashboard
• Historical sales analytics
• Demographics & playlist info (to be added within the next couple of months)
• Free ISRC codes
• Free Barcode
• Link generator. Share your tracks / albums on your social media platforms or use the Embed code on your website.
• Youtube channel management
• Monthly sales reports
• Keep all of your rights
• You choose on which services your music should be available
• You choose in which territories your music should be available
• You receive 80% of all income



Services to where we deliver!

iTunes Music Store
Apple Music
Beats 1

Amazon MP3
Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Prime

YouTube (Content matching & monetizing)
YouTube Music

Google Play

Napster (Rhapsody)




Beatport (Label application needed)

VEVO (HQ Videos only)




Soundcloud (Content matching / Blocking)

Facebook (ContentID / Blocking)

UMA (United Media Agence LLC)

(3rd party services where Spotify is included)
Movistar Mexico, Siminn Iceland, Drei Austria, Telecom New Zealand
Bouygues, Cosmote, Telia, KPN, Maxis Malaysia, Times United Kingdoms
Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Antel, Entel
Sonos Playbar, Sprint, Telefoncia, Virgin
And more…….

(3rd party services where TIDAL is included)
Wimp, CanalDigital Norway, Djuice Norway, Ntelco Poland, Bibzoom
And more…….

247 Entertainment
(List of sub services below)
TDC/ TDC Mobile, YouSee Play, Media Markt, Saturn
JUKE, Weltbild/ A&M, CTS/ Eventim, mobilcom-debitel
Medion, Play.com, Meteli, YouMusic, Telmore Musik
CDON, Reggae Inc, Ex Libris
And more…….


iam+ Dial

Electric Jukebox

7 Digital
(List of some of the sub services below)
MixUp Digital, Clickmusic, Odyssey FM, amp3digital, EWE Tel
MP3.de, Play.fm, HMV Canada, , HMV Digital
Virgin Mobile Canada, Winamp
And more…….

(List of sub services below)
Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, DigiAnttila, MTV3 Download Store
Radio Rock Store, DNA Musiikkikauppa
Suomalaisen mp3-lataamo
And more…….

(List of sub services below)
Zune, Turntable, iMesh, Yahoo Music, CatchMedia
MOG, HMV, Playlist.com, Songza
And more…….


NetEase Cloud Music

Tencent (QQMusic, KuGou, Kuwo)




Cover artwork

Digital front cover artwork

EUR 99,00

per cover

iTunes / Amazon Booklet

iTunes /Amazon Digital Booklet

EUR 299,00

per booklet